Monday, 19 May 2014

                                        COVER LINES

1) Find out how to look good for the boys 
2) Get in shape for summer
3) Win 4 tickets to 1D 
4) Best ways to put on make up 
5) The latest fashion for spring
6) Be the trend setter at summer
7) 10 points in which JB looks for in a girlfriend 
8) Pink is the new white 
9) get the diet of Selena Gomez  
10) Tomorrows fashion today.


1) KK magazine
2) Latest Look!!!
3) Shoe's Shoe's Shoe's
4) Beautiful Bags
5) Glam
6) ChitChat
7) Teen Buzz
8) HI Magazine
9) Babble Box
10) Gossip Girl                            I choose the title Gossip Girl because of teenage girls like to gossip
                                                    with other girls and in the magazine the gossip is about different
                                                    celebrities and which different clothing is popular at the moment and
                                                    even with secret tips on how celebrities have the perfect bodies every
                                                    teenage girl would dream of having.

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