Monday, 16 June 2014

question 3 

representation of gender is normally have different colours, for example male magazine covers are normally in the colours of black, dark blue or grey because those colours are normally represented with males. With woman the normal stereotype colours for a woman are pink, purple and red, because this is the sort of colours which are represented with woman. Also the cover lines tell the audience different stories, for example in male magazines the normal cover lines are 'how to get a six pack in 1 month!!' and in woman magazines such as 'Ok' magazine the normal cover lines are about celebrities and what they are doing in their lives. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

1. explain two ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines. 
   Use examples from the extract.

A. Direct Address is used a lot in this lifestyle magazine, you can see this with the main image of a Kylie Monaque staring down the camera, making it look like that she is looking directly at the audience. Also you can see that the cover lines are very chatty like the magazine is a real person and wants to have a conversation with you, another point in the magazine was that in the cover lines they use terms like 'we' and 'you' to make the audience feel like they are special to the magazine.

2.  Explain how each of the following is used in the extract to create effect

  • layout
  • typography 
  • colour
  • language

Use examples from the extract

A. The layout of the magazine front cover is shown like this so that the main image stands out and makes you want to buy and read the magazine. The main cover line is 'summer's here' it is written in bold because it tells you a brief inside in what is going to be in the magazine.  The typography of the magazine is sans serif to make the text stand out and catch the readers eye so that it makes you want to read the magazine. The text near the bottom of the page is  to make it look fancy. This is a stereotype aimed at women. On the magazine most of the cover lines are bold these are bold so they stand out and make the reader get interested. 
The colour of the magazine headline is pink so that it stands out from the rest of the page because the other colours on the page are black or white. the background is a grey colour so that the writing and image stand out more from the rest of the page. The main cover line is black so that it stands out.