Thursday, 10 October 2013

www: my presentation had a lot of detail and information to show the audience what had happened in the video.
www: clear different slides showing all of the different questions with the questions clearly laid out
www: i think that mine and my partners presenting was very good and very clear

ebi: it had pictures to make it look more aesthetically pleasing so my group could get a higher mark
ebi: my presentation would have been better if it had the actual video being shown in the back ground
ebi: a effect changing from slide to slide to make it look better

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Big Pimp-en

Jay Z in his video Big Pimp-en he has a lot of girls that are wearing bikinis that are very revealing to make it look like that Jay Z gets a lot of women because he is super rich and he is one of the most famous people in the world. (He can get any girl he wants with the click of his fingers) this may not be very good because a lot of women do not like to be used as just a sex symbol, but would like to be treated by the they are inside such as their personality and maybe their sense of humor. Most of the scenes are Jay Z on a beach in a hot and exotic country such as Brazil or Jamaica, in the video has is always looking at the different girls that are looking sexy on this hot beach. In one of the scenes a women is getting out of a pool in slow motion to make it more dramatic to make more people watch the music video because there are a lot of very sexy girls with tight clothing such as an bikini.

Candy Shop

50 Cent in his video Candy Shop drives in to this mansion in the middle of no where in a red sports ferrari. the mansion looks like it has been abandoned for a very long time, but that is a whole different story when he walks into the mansion, the whole mansion is filled with different women in bikinis, sexual costumes and that have whips. This shows the audience that this place has a lot to do with sexual contact. All of the woman in the video are in very revealing clothes to try and influence the men that go into the "Candy Shop". 50 cent is not very innocent  because he joins in and walks in to the different rooms to see the different women which he can drawl other and touch in places like the bottom and parts in the legs area 
I started not knowing how to do anything, but i have learnt how to import images from the internet and put them into photoshop. it may be basic but i learnt how to change the font size because all of the controls are very high tech and you have to find the tools by going in to different folders. Now i know how to add color into shapes to make the logo more appealing but i could not do that because the images i choose had to of a thine line to color.

My photoshop image of RWS Report is very bad because i have personally never ever used photoshop so i did not know how to use photoshop and so i could not make my logo for RWS Report any better, so i know why it looks appalling and very basic. I also did not use any color in my logo so it looked very dull and boring. i really wanted to know how to get different fonts from the internet to try and put them into my photoshop to try and make it look better to try and get the higher marks.